Clutching Grey in My Hot Little Hands



I picked up a copy of Grey, and boy am I stoked to read it!


No really, I’m not even looking forward to it an eensy weensy little bit. I have on good authority that it ends in the same place as the first Fifty Shades Book. What I’m saying is that there are pretty clearly going to be two more of these babies. And I am going to read them.

So you don’t have to.

I’ll start as soon as I lay the last of the original three to rest.


10 thoughts on “Clutching Grey in My Hot Little Hands

      • yeah i’ve heard that it basically one hundred percent confirms that he is an awful manipulative abusive creep who wanted Ana like immediately


        hopefully your commentary will help it go down easier haha

      • Yeah, I’m a bit scared for my sanity. From what I can see it veers between badly written sweet-broken-child flashbacks and evil douche-bro adult passages.

  1. oh my gee. I’am actually expecting something that’s going to make me understand who Christian Grey is. I hope I could get the exact answer when I read the book. Is it out in the Philippines?

    • What I’ve heard from a fan who finished Grey is that Christian is a twisted bastard. From a fan. So I’m not sure if it will explain much. And I couldn’t find a release date for the Philipines, so maybe not yet?

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