Buy Me A Coffee?

I like coffee. And paying for stuff (*cough* laptop *cough*). If you liked my read-along you can donate at the link below:

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Please Sir, I’d Like Another

So, its pretty obvious I’ve been neglecting this site. I mean, Grey is a terrible book. 50 Shades was terrible, but it was arguably hilariously terrible. It’s hillarible. But Grey is not even that fun kind of bad. So that’s reason enough to never EVER open it again.

But…I also don’t have a computer. In fact I’m writing this on my phone. Stuff…sucks right now. But this site still gets a fair number of hits despite me ignoring it pointedly. So if any of you want to throw in to get me the dirt cheapest laptop out there, let me know. I’ll be so grateful I’ll finish reading and reviewing Grey.

And I’ll even do the other two forthcoming novels.

No pressure.

Thanks much.

Edit to add: Something fun and inspirational from my also long -neglected tumblog Guiding Assholes: