A Sigh of Relief Too Soon: New 50 Shades Book this June 18th

Just yesterday I was thinking: “Only 5 more chapters and this mess will be done. Huh.”

Then this news turned up on my Facebook feed today:


E. L. James is writing, or rather has already written, the story of 50 Shades from Christian’s perspective. I’m actually kind of interested, since I like alternate perspective type stories. It will be interesting to see how James plays the same scenes from inside Christian’s head, and also to see how her writing style has evolved. As noted here before, Fifty Shades Freed is a very different book from the first two installments of the series.

Grey is to be released on June 18th, 2015, and I’m certain it will sell a bazillion copies – considering how well the originals still sell. You can preorder it at Chapters orĀ  Amazon.ca. if you want to follow along with me, or if you just plain actually want to read it.

Holy Crap!


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Bad News Everyone! 50 Shades Movie Sequels Confirmed

Over at The Mary Sue they are reporting that movie adaptations of Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are actually, really, officially going to happen. *Sigh* Personally, I think the movie will be a blockbuster success, but it does make me a little sad for humanity.


I think we all know how I feel about the Fifty Shades Trilogy books.

I’m totally squicked out by the idea of the movie even just hypothetically. I do however have a morbid curiosity about how 50 Shades will get translated from book to movie format. Honestly, Ana’s thoughts, such as they are, are such a major part of the narrative I am not even sure how the movie can avoid turning into a lightly pornographic version of Herman’s Head.

Aannnnd Jamie Dornan especially just looks uncomfortable in every single promo shot. He’s all like:

Seriously. I just wanted an excuse to use this gif
Seriously. I just wanted an excuse to use this gif

I can’t imagine how that kind of not-chemistry-at-all is going to hold up over 3 movies.

I guess we’ll see. Or not. I can’t decide.

Source: The Mary Sue

My 50 Thousand View Happy Dance

Some time today I Read 50 Shades hit a milestone – 50 thousand views. I know, I know…lots of blogs get bazillions of views but I’m still pretty excited. It’s nice to know I can send words out into the world like that and find an audience, however small.

CarltonDanceThanks everybody for listening to my aimless snarky rambling! And just for good measure here’s the Kitty Cat Dance:


50 Shades Male Lead Kinda Grossed Out by Visiting a Real Sex Dungeon.

Over at The Mary Sue, fountain of at least 90% of the good things on the internet, they are reporting that Jamie Dornan, star of the upcoming Fifty Shades movie was “alternatively (sic) bored and grossed out” after visiting a real sex dungeon. In fact he was so disgusted that he needed to take fifty scalding showers before he could touch either his wife or newborn baby.

So for any of you out there who are into BDSM, this is the takeaway:

There’s no way I could say it better than they did over at TMS, so go over and read their article. Also check out the original Dornan interview over at Elle.